Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Brovo is a weird place.  There are times I think I have some of it figured out and  then out of nowhere there are times that just throw me off and I'm lost all over again.  The culture here is still something I'm acclamating to.  Dudes don't shake hand to introduce themselves here.  Instead I'm greeted with a closed-fisted extension of their bulging, gilded extremeties.  Usually this is coupled with some verbage along the lines of "sup, bro?".  This greeting is somewhat lost on me and I'm forced to restrain myself from doing what Demetri Martin summed up in one of his standups -- Extend my open hand and close it over their fist and say "paper covers rock, b****".  Naturally, this would be a little socially off, but hey, so are they!

Next up, the fashion choices here.  I mean it's summer time fucryinoutloud!  I still see people walking around with their little nutsac beanies.  (my apologies to anyone out there like me with a vivid imagination that just pictured that...  but now that you have, you know precisely what I'm referring to).  It makes no sense.  You wear a beanie to keep your head warm, not dangle precariously off the back of your dome.  I know, I know, it's fashion right?  Well it's dumb.  and I hate it.  Just like the fake glasses.  It's come to the point that people take out the lenses in the 3D glasses and wear those.  REALLY??  To make matters worse other people congratulate these trendsetting twerps with nonsensical words like swag/swaggy/steez and any other literary abomination that makes my skin crawl.  Are we done with these trends yet?  I'm all for just ditching clothes unless they're needed anyway.. but that's irrelevant.  (I was born naked and plan to die naked)  I just don't see a point in buying something like clothes for it to serve no other purpose than to make you look like a delinquent.

Despite these setbacks, there is still a lot of good stuff up here too.  Like fish tacos at Rocco's on Tuesdays.  Motorcycle rides through the canyons.  Nicolitalia's pizza.  Hiking and the beautiful outdoors (on a good day not riddled with inversion).  Hokulia shave ice.  The pass of all passes.  And there plenty of good people to enjoy all these things with.  You just gotta find 'em!

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